Before you bring your puppy home


Your puppy will be on Life's Abundance all life's stages dry food. You can purchase it here -

Other Items

Wire crate with adjustable panel so the crate can grow with your puppy
Crate cover
Crate bed - not to be used for the first few months
Bed for outside the crate
Water bowl
Food bowl
Nylon collar and 6 ft. leash
Shampoo (We use Life's Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo)
Slicker brush
Waste bag tote and bags
Stain and Odor eliminator spray (we use Life's abundance Biodeoderizer Spray)
Bitter Apple deterrent spray
At least 5 appropriate toys


Puppy Training, in my opinion, is a must! All members of the family need to follow the same rules with the puppy, use the same commands, and work together. There are many different avenues for training, please feel free to email me for my recommendation.