About Us


Our Family

The Russo Family  has lived in the San Diego area for generations. Toni and Rick have 3 children, as the children are growing up Rick and Toni spend more and more time with their furry family members! 



Gus is our male F1 Goldendoodle. After many years of not really wanting a dog, Toni fell in love with a Goldendoodle and had to have one of her own. When Toni, Rick, and daughter Giavanna went to pick out their puppy, Gus picked Toni. There was no way Toni was leaving without Gus. This was the beginning of our journey. Gus is a very active, super friendly boy! He loves people and wants to be close by all the time! He is our gentle giant.


Meiko & Stella

Meiko & Stella are our female Standard Poodles. Meiko is a black and white (Parti) Royal Standard Poodle. Meiko is full of energy and wants to play and be involved in what everyone is doing. Stella is our apricot Standard Poodle. Stella has a shy calm personality, she is happy to play fetch and agility games, but just as happy to be cuddled up by our feet watching TV.  Meiko & Stella are both very sweet and loving dogs.